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Greg Poulsen
Aug 9

Free Nightclub Lightroom Preset


As a nightclub photographer, you may have to retouch hundreds of images with a strict deadline to meet. If you use our free Lightroom presets for nightclub photography you will cope with any task with a lot of time to spare. These free nightclub Lightroom presets were designed to help you fix problems with insufficient or artificial light, lack of contrast, or issues with colors. Nightclub photography Lightroom presets are easy to download and install. Find them right here and save yourself from all the troubles with the help of batch picture editing.

New Posts
  • Greg Poulsen
    Sep 5

    To provide your clients with professionally-edited images, you don’t necessarily need to buy Adobe products. Though many shooters and retouchers typically use Lightroom for their image processing work, you can take advantage of Lightroom alternatives that are available absolutely for free. In this article, you can find a review of 21 best Lightroom equivalent programs that can impress not only beginner photographers but also their experienced photographers. Some of free alternatives to Lightroom greatly resemble the program’s interface and features, while others contain only the standard set of tools, while their arrangement requires some time to get used to. Anyway, they are free, which compensates for minor inconveniences.
  • Greg Poulsen
    Sep 5

    Are you eager to start working in Lightroom and edit your pictures professionally but don’t want to spend a lot of money on it? Have you ever thought about downloading Adobe Lightroom torrent ? Then you should read this article before you take any actions here. We will tell you about all the dangers that may arise when you get torrent Lightroom illegally. Fine, bugs, no updates are those problems that you can suffer from after getting Adobe Lightroom CC torrent. Read this article to find out the best ways to get Lightroom legally and for free.
  • Greg Poulsen
    Sep 4

    Most photographers can’t imagine their lives without having Lightroom for editing their images. Logically, as soon as they notice that their Lightroom is slow  they start to panic and can end up doing more harm than good trying to fix the problem. To help such people, FixThePhoto has put together this useful guide on how to speed up Lightroom using a variety of different methods. Regardless of the exact reason behind why is Lightroom slow, you’ll find a way out here. Get to reading and you’ll be able to edit photographs without any drops in performance once again!